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Zamintra is a mining and trading business with a commitment to delivering top-notch minerals and metals to our customers.


About Us

Through the establishment of Zamintra Mining and Trading, George Graham and Christiaan Viviers have created a reputable mining services platform for all end users globally, to source and procure various raw and processed minerals from Zambia and neighboring countries.

Zamintra offers a profitable and sustainable opportunity in the mining and trading industry, while aiming to improve the lives of all who partake in this supply chain solution.

Key mining operations


The mining and sourcing of minerals such as Gold (Au), Copper (Cu), Cobalt (Co), Lithium (Li) and/or Li20, Zinc (Zn), Lead (Pb), Iron (Fe) ore, Manganese (Mn), Nickel (Ni), Industrial Minerals, Energy Minerals and Coal.


Mineral processing is available to clients situated in areas lacking the required facilities.


Establishing an internationally recognized and accredited Gold (Au) refinery with a safe and secure buying environment for all international buyers.

Sales and Trade

A well-documented and legal network of buying offices is established at strategic points across Zambia. This network extends from Zambia to South Africa, to enhance trading opportunities between the two countries. Small-scale clients are also empowered through assisted buying strategies, to improve the quality of their lives and uplift their communities.

Quality Assurance

The basis of all operations is the integrity of the company owners to ensure that all material sold, is indeed the grade, purity and quantities as advertised. Quality assurance is verifiable and it is performed through testing of materials that are offered for sale by credited laboratories and designated institutions.


Where needed, assistance with all logistical requirements can be arranged.


Storage in bonded warehouses can be arranged.

Legal Representation

Legal assistance with contracts and transactions can be arranged.

Mining supplies

Zamintra Mining and Trading is structured to offer a great opportunity to South African companies to add their products and expertise to our promising and sought-after list of services and commodities and become part of our network.


The core team

George Graham is a mining expert with 25 years’ experience in owning and managing various successful mines in Africa. His knowledge of the mining industry combined with his uncanny resilience, has led him to establish numerous successful mining operations. His drive to succeed and work ethics are second to none in the industry and he has instilled the same hard-working values in his team.

Christiaan Viviers specializes in trading, logistics and procurement solutions in the African mining industry and he has honed these essential skills over the last

23 years. He shares the same values as his partner and fully comprehends the obstacles and drawbacks faced by international buyers in Africa. His ability to identify and salvage any practical pitfalls in the mining supply chain has spared his partners and clients innumerable headaches.

Together, George and Christiaan established an efficient, secure and robust mining supply chain and look forward to forging cooperative bonds with all interested parties.

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Christiaan Viviers

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George Graham

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Site Manager & Procurement Officer

Ivan Graham

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Mining Operations

Tafadzwa Garariza

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Metallurgical Services

Shingayi saga

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